Amazon’s Recommendation Engine Trumps The Competition

I am an author from India and want to self publish a book with Amazon Let me learn /hear from your good-self!!! Thanks Much

David Gaughran

ammyThere’s an old adage that bestsellers are chosen rather than made, and there’s some truth to that. The amount a publisher splurges on the advance has to be recouped before the book turns a profit. The more money that has to be recouped, the greater the marketing budget.

Sleeper hits are the exception for a reason. It’s a lot easier to hit the bestseller lists when you are on the front table of every single Barnes & Noble than if you are spine-out at the back of a handful of stores (or gathering dust in the warehouse).

It often comes as a surprise to those outside publishing that these bookstore spots are bought and sold, that whether a book is face-out or spine-out (or on the front table) is something that tends to be agreed in the contract between the publisher and the retailer. But when you explain how valuable this…

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       VEHICLES on road go with

       VEHICLES on road go with aggressive speed ,causing countless number of accidents . Many a people lose their lives each minute. Many get serious injuries . So many properties and working hours are lost  due to reckless ,aggressive and offensive driving 

       Man has invented Speed Governors to curb the over speed of vehicles . But what is the advantage?. The authorities deplorably fail often to implement the law . The result ? Unfortunate,unavoidable, tragedies are taking place each minute all over the world.   What a pathetic situation? When will it have an end ? All Must unite  and end the massacre on the wheels .The loopholes in law must be checked and shut. The culprits should be brought to law. Counseling centers should be opened to vehicle as well as traffic man . It is playing with innocent human lives and as-such should be dealt with some iron hands                          

Rain Rain gone away . who can say

Rain Rain gone away . who can say when it come ?  Clouds of rain come almost every day. But refuse to shed rain !

 Cold bundles of cloud are seen repelled as if in Magic ! My friend told me that . the Fog repellents established  in connection with the Air Port repels the rainy clouds if the clouds are weak.How can I believe it ?  I am seeking Scientific  Material information about this . My friend says that in the Airport and surroundings fogs as well as clouds are repelled  I think any of the Meteorologists or climate experts may give me an explanation If my query seems a laughing stock please excuse!


Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting

Write about your strongest memory of heart-pounding belly-twisting nervousness: what caused the adrenaline? Was it justified? How did you respond?

 On the first day of my School,when I was five or six, I heard the bell rang for lunch and ran out among the other students,towards my Home,towards east ,while my Home is in the west.   My body and mind tensed when I ran 5 kms in the opposite direction!  A friend of my father identified me and brought back me to the School. I still remember  the agony, tension and pain I suffered on the first day of my school .  What can a little boy do ?  Thanks for God and the friend who helped in time …..and also for WordPress for getting me back to the early days

Customizing Forever: Prada for Breakfast

AMAZING things are in your store

The Blog

Think you need to be a graphic designer or buy a bunch of upgrades to make a sweet-looking, custom blog? Think again: Prada for Breakfast stands out from the other 214,699 blogs using the Forever theme with creative use of text and simple tweaks that are accessible to any blogger:

forever side by side

Forever was originally designed as a wedding theme, but the bold images, simple layout, and clean typography make it suitable for any kind of blog, including an art and style site like Prada for Breakfast. There’s nothing matrimonial about Halie’s site, and here’s why:

Custom header and background

Forever is one of the many themes that lets you upload a custom header, which is a great way to instantly grab a visitor’s attention and show off your blog’s personality. Some bloggers opt for graphically designed headers (like Mi Piace Kate, previously highlighted in Customizing Bueno), but…

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